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The Christ Child Society of Washington, DC is the founding chapter of what has now become a national organization. There are Christ Child Society Chapters across the country, which are all organized under the National Christ Child Society, located in Rockville, MD.

The members of the Christ Child Society are the lifeblood of the organization and play the predominant role in guiding the Society’s actions. The leadership, financial support, and time that our members contribute to the Society are invaluable. While largely comprised of women in the DC area, membership in the Christ Child Society is open to anyone who wants to make an impact on the life of a child in need.

Membership Requirements

Members are required to pay dues each year. The dues collection starts in July, and the average dues cost is $95 (which includes guild dues). Members are also expected to attend Society events and contribute to the Annual Appeal.

Pay Dues

About Our Guilds

Within the DC Chapter, many of our members are affiliated with guilds or subgroups of members centered around schools, parishes, communities or neighborhoods. Guilds have meetings and fundraisers on behalf of the Society and volunteer together for the Chapter’s programs. It is not necessary for a member to join a guild and many DC Chapter members remain at-large.

Historically, a Guild is named in honor of a member who exceptionally served the Society. Currently we have fourteen active guilds located throughout the metropolitan area:

Active Guilds

Patricia Abell Margaret Headley Esther Neill
Regis Boyle Agnes Kavanagh Billie O'Brien
Cahill-Hathway Mary Kennedy Teresa Posey
Kathleen Conway-Witts Mary Virginia Merrick Mary Byrne Tumulty
Leonide Delarue Mildred Merrick  


Each Guild, in addition to being a social outlet, works to raise funds for special CCS projects, chosen by that Guild, to support the general work of the Society. Each Guild has the opportunity to partner with one of the schools served by the Society through the Adopt-A-School Program. Through this program the Guild makes donations to schools for the purchase of school library books, recreational equipment, gifts for needy students and their families, art supplies or to fulfill special requests submitted by the school principals.

Guilds are an intricate part of the society working in partnership both with the Washington Chapter and the schools we serve to meet the needs of children in this area. If you are interested in joining a Guild, starting a Guild or would like more information please contact Stephanie at