To meet the material, educational, and emotional needs of children in the Washington, D.C area.

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to volunteer opportunities
  • Subscription to weekly e-news
  • Access to online membership directory
  • Invitation to events
  • Event admission discounts
  • 10% coupon to the Opportunity Shop
  • Discounts on members only shopping nights
  • Membership in the National Christ Child Society

About Our Guilds

The leadership, financial support, and time that our members contribute to the Society are invaluable. Over 500 strong, our membership varies in age from 23 to 93. While largely comprised of Catholic women, membership in the Christ Child Society is open to anyone. Though not a requirement, many Christ Child Members are also involved in one of our 12 guilds.

Guilds are a subset of the Washington Chapter of the Christ Child Society who are similar in age, life experience and/or living in adjoining parishes and neighborhoods. Historically a Guild is named in honor of a member who exceptionally served the Society. Currently we have twelve active guilds located through out the metropolitan area:

Active Guilds
Patricia Abell Florence Altemus (Emeritus)
Regis Boyle
Kathleen Conway-Witts  Leonide Delarue Agnes Kavanagh
Mary Kennedy Adele Knobloch Mary Virginia Merrick
Esther W. Neill Theresa Posey Mary Bryne Tumulty           
 Margaret Headley
 Cahill- Hathway

Each Guild, in addition to being a social outlet, works to raise funds for special CCS projects, chosen by that Guild, to support the general work of the Society. Each Guild partners with one of the schools served by the Society through the Adopt-A-School Program. Through this program the Guild makes donations to schools for the purchase of school library books, recreational equipment, gifts for needy students and their families, art supplies or to fulfill special requests submitted by the school principals.

Guilds are an intricate part of the society working in partnership both with the Washington Chapter and the schools we serve to meet the needs of children in this area. If you are interested in joining a Guild, starting a Guild or would like more information please contact Gina Schulz, at 202-966-9250 or gschulz@christchilddc.org.

CCS Office 5101 Wisconsin Ave. NW Suite 102 Washington, DC 20016 Phone: 202-966-9250 info@christchilddc.org | The Opportunity Shop 1427 Wisconsin Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20007 202-333-6635 opshop@christchilddc.org | The Merrick Center 4275 4th Street, SE Washington, DC 20032 aanglade@christchilddc.org


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