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Red Wagon Week
Posted 10/14/2020 11:12AM



MONDAY, October 26
Health & Fitness Day


LIVE: 9am HIIT Fitness Class with Jill Washecka

Prerecorded: Yoga Class with Katharine Still

Prerecorded: Tennis Tips with Kenwood Tennis Pros

TUESDAY, October 27
Spiritual Day


LIVE: 9am Inspirational Talk with Father Chris Seith

Prerecorded: Morning Mass at Our Lady of Mercy

Prerecorded: Webinar on Mary Virginia Merrick by Patty Myler (Tumulty Guild)

WEDNESDAY, October 28
How To Day


LIVE: 12pm Crochet Class with Monica Barry

Prerecorded: Flower Arranging with Alicia Barton (Posey Guild)

Prerecorded: Closet Organizing with Good Order DC: Jaime Hayes (Delarue Guild) & Ande Tomasso (Delarue Guild)

THURSDAY, October 29
Let's Get Ready for the Weekend


Prerecorded: Op Shop Road Show with Mark Boultinghouse (Merchandise Specialist at the Op Shop)

Prerecorded: How to Make a Charcuterie Board with Windows Catering

Prerecorded: Cocktail Making with Justin Kramer


FRIDAY, October 30
Red Wagon Program and Basket Auction


LIVE: 12pm Red Wagon Program with Stephanie Farrell, CCS DC Board President (Boyle Guild)

Basket Auction Winners Announced following program



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