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Win a Weekend on the Summer Love!
Posted 02/03/2021 11:43AM

Summer Weekend on the "New" Summer Love

The "new" Summer Love follows proudly in the footsteps of the "old" Summer Love, which Belle and Morgan O'Brien owned for 25 years. She is 118 feet long, 26 feet wide and was built by Trinity in the 1990's.

Drive right into the marina for easy parking and enjoy a worry-free, luxury cruise on a mutually agreed upon weekend this summer. The winner of this fabulous item will board the yacht in Annapolis after 4pm on a Friday evening and disembark late afternoon on Sunday. Gather your group of 8 friends or family, kick back, and enjoy your cruise down the Chesapeake.

There are four bedrooms, each with a private bath, plus a second bath in the master! There is a king bed in the master; a queen in each of two guest cabins; and a final stateroom with twin full-size beds. The sun deck includes a hot tub, bar and ample shaded and sunny lounging areas. 

There will be a full crew on board, including a chef, stewardess, and long-time Captain Jonathan. All food and meals will be cooked and served by the talented crew. Guests will also enjoy the included wine and liquor, giving every passenger the opportunity to take full advantage of the "no driving" experience of a cruising weekend. Food and beverages will be donated by Lila and Brendan Sullivan.

The Chesapeake is considered one of the world's premier cruising grounds, and the absolute best way to explore and enjoy it is on board the motor yacht, Summer Love. 

Ready to shake off the Covid blues?

How to Bid on the Summer Love 

We will be accepting bids through email for the Summer Love auction item through February 22nd at 5pm.

How this auction will work:

  • All bids will be submitted via email to cdyer@christchilddc.org.
  • Unlike a live auction, where bidders actively compete against each other, the bids submitted in this auction will remain unknown to others.
  • Once the bidding closes on February 22nd, the item will go to the highest bidder who will pay the amount of their submitted bid.
  • In the event of a tie, the winning bid will go to the bid that was submitted first.

You have 3 weeks to put your groups together and submit your bids. If you are bidding as a group, please designate one person to submit the bid on behalf of the group.

Any bids submitted after February 22nd at 5pm will not be considered.

Minimum bid: $5,000

To submit your bid for the Summer Love, email Christine at cdyer@christchilddc.org with your bid amount.

Winners will be announced during our virtual event on February 27th.

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